See you SPRING 2014.

The farm is May 3rd selling our asparagus and rhubarb baked goods and  late June we open 6 days a week.  Our last day is October 31st.


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* we accept cash, mastercard, visa and debit card.

~Marissa and Ryan

About Our Farm & Food:

286125_2164844934550_6083446_oOur Farm Market is a Real Farmers Market. Meaning, we are Real Farmers producing Real Food, only selling what WE grow at our roadside store.  We focus on freshness.  The distance of travel from the field to the market is the length of a farm lane.

When it comes to flavor timing is everything.  Ripened on the plant and harvested for your enjoyment is an everyday treat.

The sooner you eat any fruit or vegetable from the time its picked the better the flavor and the nutritional value is.  That is why buying local is better for you!


Come visit us this season to experience real, homegrown food.