Lots of things were planted this past weekend. Many different varieties of beans, a bunch of root crops, and something new we’re trying for this year.

First up was the beans on Saturday morning, we planted green beans, yellow beans, broad beans, and shell beans. It went pretty smoothly, much easier than the first day we tried to plant something this year. Hopefully those will be up soon and we will have all kinds of beans to sell, and enough to send a whole bunch to be pickled.

In the afternoon we planted the root crops. Rutabaga, turnip, radishes, and multiple colors of beets. This was much easier than last year as we have some new equipment that works better for the smaller seeds of these crops. This year we are growing red and yellow beets like usual but we are also growing some beets that have red and white layers. They look like a target when you cut them open.

On Sunday we had one more thing to plant, a new crop for us this year, swiss chard. We planted both plain white and colored varieties. Hopefully these will turn out, it’s our first time trying to grow swiss chard so we will have to wait and see what happens.

2014-05-10 18.19.48

As far as harvesting goes, the asparagus is growing like a weed now and we are harvesting tons of it. We also still have the kale from last year growing and we now have some fiddle heads that we have started harvesting. We are at the tail end of the fiddle head season so we only have small amounts and they will probably only be around for a short time. Next year we plan to start harvesting them earlier.

2014-05-15 09.26.01

-Victoria, Crop Production Assistant