Three Sisters, who are they?

Three Sisters are, well, three sisters! Bella, Harvest, and Dixie Marshall. They are 8th generation young farmers who have a lot of passion for agriculture; must be because they grew up at their family’s roadside market!

They now want to take over bits of the farm…Tending to the Asparagus and Sweet Corn. With a lot of help and support from Mom and Dad.

Three Sisters will be selling Asparagus & Sweet Corn.

Bella, the oldest, loves to dance, help plant on the farm, and design unique clothing with her Nana’s vintage sewing kit. If you ever need fashion advice, give Bella a call…all Barbie’s in the Marshall household are dressed to impress because of it!

Harvest is the middle sister and is a sucker for adventure! She has lots of fire and ambition in her and loves to turn whatever ingredients are lying around the house into a delicious recipe. You can sometimes catch her outside pulling weeds around the farm but more likely you’ll find her in the kitchen baking up a storm!

Dixie, is the littlest sis. Still too young to do much, other than laugh at her entertaining sisters and play in the dirt that helps us grow our delicious veggies. Her favourite thing to do is hang out on her mama’s hip..Oh and make sure the dogs, Jeep & June, are behaving.

Where you can find them:

  • Marshall’s Farm – roadside stand.
  • By order!

Our promise,

To provide our customers with healthy & delicious crops and big smiles.