Hello Dear customers,

We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful year. It amazes us how supportive our new & old customers are. So many kind hearts!

Lots has happened in our 2012 season. New to our store (mid-season) we introduced our preserves. We have lots of zucchini salsa, pickles, relish, hot & sweet pepper jelly, and much more. We are in the planning process for our online store…and..a new website! For now you can email or call to place your order.

September, 26th was a day at the store I will never forget…the birth of our 2nd baby. Well, not at  the store, but it sure did start there. Serving customers during some intense contractions! Anyways, I promised the Farmer I wouldn’t go into details about the birth, so I will cut to the chase. AFter I quickly closed up the farm store, and when I say quick, I mean quick & fast!!! I then got home and had our daughter. It was beautiful, she is beautiful and healthy. Thanks to anyone for the congrats & warm wishes..and gifts (We have the BEST customers)!!!!!

Anyways, Harvest 2012 is almost done for the year. A few more days and the corn will be off, then it’s time to plan and order for 2013. If you have any veggies you’d like us to try and grow, please don’ t be shy and let us know.

Again, thank-you for a wonderful year and see you in SPRING 2013 with our asparagus & preserves…and I promise more baked goods;).


Want to be apart of the RealFarmer team? We are looking for part-time farm store cashiers and veggie pickers. Please send your resume to marissa@realfarmer.ca