Spring Market


Spring on the farm is a busy time. Planting on and off our home farm, ballet recitals, asparagus, flower garden fun, tractor rides, tailgate dinners, mud and so much more.

What’s Ready: Asparagus now ready! There is self-serve instructions on the cooler. At this time we accept cash only.

Location: Self-serve roadside (aka Little Farm Store) , just north of 13517 First Line Nassagaweya. It’s located right on the deck! ***This is our Spring and Summer Location.***


Up Next:  August with sweet corn. 

FULL Serve Market and Store opens September – check out the Fall Market page.

Preserves: If you would like to order something delicious from our Preserving Homegrown line;

Thank-you for your continued support. See you around!

The Marshall’s