Planting and Plans

We're almost done transplanting. The peppers and eggplants went in at the end of last week and everything looks good. Now all that's left is [...]

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Beans & Beets

Lots of things were planted this past weekend. Many different varieties of beans, a bunch of root crops, and something new we're trying for this [...]

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Chilly day on the Farm & a blog posting from another blog

Tuesday, May 14th 2013: Burrrrrrrrr, my fingers and toes are freezing! C'mon Mother Nature, what;s up with this weather? Asparagus did not like the frost [...]

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The flavour of Fresh in season produce always stimulates new idea's for Real Recipes.  The flavour is just so much better, you want to experience [...]

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Marshall’s RealFarmers Market

 See you SPRING 2014. The farm is May 3rd selling our asparagus and rhubarb baked goods and  late June we open 6 days a week.  [...]

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I had the pleasure of participating in an agricultural conference called "FarmSmart" held at the University of Guelph.  I was in a discussion panel with two of [...]

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Optimistic about Optimize For Soybeans

The LCO in Optimize® works independently of moisture and temperature and has shown field observations to speed this process up by three weeks.

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