Friends, in case you didn’t know it’s SPRING.

Do you know what Spring means for a Farm wife? MUD, mud, mud, mud is everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean it. I will be washing mud off dog paws, children’s hands, door trim, floor trim, desk chair, floors, sliding glass doors….the list goes on.

What else does Spring mean? Planting. The most wonderful time of the yearrrrr. This year Farmer Ryan will have me planting on the home farm. I won’t be driving the BIG green or BIG red tractor – phewww. I will be driving the small green tractor, with a two row planter.


I have confidence in myself, I know I can handle that machine. But where I lack confidence (in myself ) is  the new 2 row Precision Planter.

I told the Farmer I plan on labeling all the parts, so IF I have an issue and I have to call someone I can name off the pieces and parts. He laughed and didn’t answer me back. I will label the parts, because guess what – here comes a secret – Farmer Ryan always let’s me have my way. HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE. *Men take note*.

Boy, do I ever appreciate all the Farm Mom’s who not only take care of children, but also work out in the field.

So friends, during plant 2015 I will be making a video blog here and there. You can follow along on this adventure.

Happy Spring.

Stay clean…