Tuesday, May 27th.

I love butter tarts and dis-like (HATE) snakes. I recently started working out to maintain a healthy weight and just to feel better. BUT I still have a few butter tarts left over from the weekend and now I find myself indulging in a few too many. Like WAY to many butter tarts consumed over the weekend.

Snakes you ask? I have a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE, fear of snakes! To the point where I have ran and left our daughter to scare it away…and no I have not passed along my fear to our daughters, they like snakes. Anyways, I wanted to weed my front garden to get it ready for wood chips and flowers. I keep thinking one of our employees can weed it on a slow day, but when is there ever a slow day on the farm? It would be like waiting for Christmas. So I put my big girl pants on and went to the garden. Here are a few tips I would like to share:

ONE: Put on rubber boots!

TWO: Scan the garden from a far distance for any visible  snakes.

THREE: Hit the ground all around and in the garden with a long shovel or rake..this is to scare the snakes away.

FOUR: Have your child walk in the garden to check for any snakes that may have exited from the rocks.

FIVE: Pull weeds and every once in a while have your child look for snakes.

SIX: Break for water and a butter tart.

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather. Get outside and enjoy it!

Now I am off to follow my 6 steps for the other gardens around the house…Please don’t skip number 6 it is very important.