Wednesday, May 14th 2014:

Good Morning!

It’s go time here on the farm. Not only are we planting veggies here, the Farmer and his father plant around 2000 acres of land in the Halton Region. Which, keeps Farmer Ryan really busy this time of year. Thankfully we have an amazing crop production assistant here on the farm, Victoria, who will do most of the planting of the vegetables.

I have a love/hate feeling for this time of year, for a few weeks anyways. It takes me a bit to get used to the fact that Mother Nature is doing all the scheduling around here. Take last night for an example. A few fields in Milton were a little too wet, from my understanding. So, I asked the farmer as he was leaving if he could be home  to BBQ and have a family dinner. He said sure. Hours pass by and plans change just like that. At first I was upset, but this is farming! Aside from that I love what we all do. In a few days I will plan, accordingly to Mother Nature, a tractor dinner ride. I will make something easy for eating in the tractor and take the girls with me to see daddy and have a family dinner.

farm sweet farm with websiteSure, dinner is often just myself and the girls. But, during rain days and days when he is working on our home farm, the girls get to spend so much time with daddy, learning about plants, machines, tools and life. I wouldn’t change any of this. I love our life on the farm.

I hope you have a lovely day.