Hello, hello!

How’s everyone doing? Craving fresh asparagus yet? I am! Not to worry, it will be ready shortly.

Some stuff to update you on! If you read my last post, or maybe you had troubles opening it, you would remember that we have some exciting news for you…If, you are a follower on facebook/twitter then you know what I am talking about….Are you ready?

WE ARE EXPECTING BABY # 2!  Yup, next time you see me I will be sporting a lovely bump.

Other news:

  • During that warm week in March, the Farmer planted: Radish, carrots, beets, SWEET CORN, peas and I think beans (baby brain).
  • Our kitchen is finally DONE and ready for inspection.
  • Garlic is coming along nice. The photo below was taken early March.

We can’t wait to see all our customers, very very soon.

Have a nice day!

~Marissa and baby bump