Hi There,

I haven’t been blogging as much as I should be…

Baby is walking now and getting into EVERYTHING.

Farmer Ryan has been putting me to work outside, planting lots of veggies.

and to be honest I have been super lazy.

BUT, with warm weather  just around the corner {I hope} and our new “store” reno..AND Country Living’s June addition on my coffee table…BOOM, BAM, just like that I have energy!

sun+dreaming about the store+country living= one excited/inspired mama!



Being lazy hasn’t  stop me from finding some neat things.

Old {dirty}, glass oil bottles and one milk bottle. I want to clean em’ up and stick some flowers in them.


Not sure what it was used for… The Farmer found this for me. For now I stuck some bleeding hearts in the thinger.


Have a Sunny day