This week has been interesting, we’ve gotten a lot done and there have been a lot of firsts for me. Monday morning I showed up to work and Ryan announced that we were going to be on the road all day, so we got in the truck and headed out to Milton. We worked on getting the 12 row planter set up to plant corn.

tractor While we were trying to get that set up I learned quite a bit about how the planter actually works. When we eventually had everything set we headed out to plant corn. Sadly there were still some technical difficulties, but we did get some corn planted.



I had to drive a truck on Monday, which probably doesn’t sound that exciting, but when you consider that the biggest thing I’ve ever driven is a medium size car, the truck seemed awfully big. But I managed (likely in part due to the fact that I was following a tractor and couldn’t go very fast anyway).

 Tuesday morning I learned to drive a tractor and how to work the two row planter while helping to plant beets. After that was finished we headed out to plant more corn and spent the morning, and part of the afternoon doing that. Then we had to head home so that I could pick asparagus, because we opened the store on Wednesday!




I’ve been picking asparagus every day since Tuesday. When I first started I was a bit slow but by the time I finished on Tuesday I had a rhythm going. I’m happy to see so much asparagus growing!







Untitled picture










-Victoria, Summer Student