How To: make THE perfect burger!

Last night’s dinner has my mouth watering again. I want this burger for breakfast…But actually, we will be making burgers again tonight.

Step 1: Fire up the charcoal grill. Or any BBQ will do. Get it nice and hot. This is where I let the Farmer shine, the grilling process. I would burn the beautiful burgers.

** Corn should be put on the grill before burgers. Keep the husk on the corn.

Step 2: Prepare the toppings:

Topping A: Caramelize red cabbage, sweet onion & garlic until golden brown in colour. I use a fry pan with butter, but you can use any oil.

Topping B: Marshall’s Baby Dills

Topping C: Tomato

Topping: Spreads: Yellow Zucchini Relish, Mayo, whatever else you like on it.

CHEESE! I was dreaming of a smoked cheddar, but only regular cheddar in the house.

Burgers should be close to done, grill the buns. Cheese on burgers. Burgers on buns.

Now, it’s time to top your burger.


On my burger:  The caramelized onion & cabbage, yellow zucchini relish, baby dills, tomato, ketchup.

Farmer had: The caramelized onion & cabbage, bread & Butter zucchini pickles, madras sauce, baby dills, tomato,

AND on the grilled corn, MADRAS SAUCE! The kick of the madras an the sweet corn= amazing!

Other topping ideas: grilled peppers, kale, pickled beets.

Enjoy with a cold beer.