This week has been a busy one. There has been lots of planting going on, lots of things are already in the ground. We’re on to our second round of planting sweet corn. I’m really looking forward to when that is ready.

may 17


Things are beginning to grow, although most of it isn’t above the ground yet. We do have peas starting to poke up through the ground though.

peas may 17


The garlic is starting to look really good, that’s another thing I’m looking forward to. Fresh garlic!

garlic 17


I have also been harvesting asparagus nearly every day this week. The exception was the day we had the frost. However there was a bright side to that. Since the asparagus that was above the ground had been damaged by the frost I was able to take the lawn mower and mow down the weeds in the asparagus without worrying about cutting down the asparagus by accident. Now that the weather is nice and we can harvest asparagus again, it’s much easier without the weeds between the rows.

~ Victoria