2013 Garlic – off to a Good Start

  The garlic is growing. Yesterday I spent some time walking the garlic to measure how much we have (in acres) and to flag the [...]

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Check Your Seed Tubes

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Nitrogen on Winter Wheat

This week the weather looks like it is going to give us a few morning opportunities to apply Nitrogen to our winter wheat [...]

Variable Rate Planting Corn

  Normalized Yield Map Last week I decided it was finally time to start using our VARIABLE RATE SEED DRIVE on our corn planter for more [...]

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Slug Damage in Fall Corn

Today I attended the Innovative farmers conference in London Ontario. There were some excellent speakers from around the world speaking about their preferred production methods. One [...]

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Relay Crop Soybeans for 2011

In theory you could no-till your soys into the wheat when it is just starting to elongate. The "Intellicoat" would delay the beans to germinate just as the wheat is dying off.

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