The soybean markets are running at very profitable levels.  I was thinking that growing relay soybeans into wheat may pay this year. A few years ago I had explored this option when I learned about this technology called “Relay Crop Soybeans” .

“Relay Crop” uses “Intelimer” technology made by Landec Ag Inc.. Their web site says that these “functional polymers contain temperature-senstitive switches”. They coat the seed with this polymer that is designed to have a certain delay before it will allow the seed to imbibe moisture and therefore delay germination.

In theory you could no-till your soys into the wheat when it is just starting to elongate. The “Intellicoat” would delay the beans to germinate just as the wheat is dying off.   As soon as you cut the wheat the beans take off and produce a second crop.
We never did try relay cropping soybeans…but I would like to try.

If anyone has succeeded in relay cropping Soybeans into Winter Wheat please share your experience.