Hello friends,

It has been a very busy winter on the farm. As most of you know we spent all of January and a bit of February renovating our kitchen so we could have it ready to go for baking and preserving. Of course I am terrible at remembering to post about the kitchen. It’s done-well, 98% complete. We need to hang some lights and organize our space a bit better.
Here’s a picture of our island:


We just added the tap, and now the island is home to a bunch of clutter.

In other news, we have lots of new things happening this year. I can’t tell you just yet, but very soon! If you follow us on twitter or Facebook I may have posted about a few new things…
Farmer Ryan has been busy in the office and is about be working outside very soon.

Garlic should be up (could be right now)..one of the sure signs of spring. Yay!
And of course if we have a warm march we will be selling asparagus in April, most likely late April! We will be able to harvest a bit more than last year, but remember it goes fast! Not to worry though, we will give you lots of notice as to when it’s ready.

Well, that’s all for now! It’s muddy out there, don’t get stuck!