Where do I even start!

First let me thank our wonderful customers, new & old..Thank you! To our employee’s:

* Doug-(veggie picker and the farmers right hand).. Thanks for being the # 1 Digger & always thinking

* Sandra-  (marissa’s mom)  Thanks for working those hot summer days!

* Courtney- (summer student) Thanks for putting up with the Farmer and Digger Doug!

* Mirella- (ryan;’s mom/our daughters Nonna) Thank you for taking our little sunshine every tues/thurs!

Thank you all!


I have had so much fun this season. At the beginning of the year our ‘store’ wasn’t much like anything, actually it looked like it was about to fall down. I will admit, I was so inpatient…I just wanted it DONE so I could decorate it! Finally, it was ready ( it didn’t take too long).

It was nice to have a shelter to hide in during the odd thunderstorm…but I would still call the Farmer and ask if he would ‘come watch the storm with me’…really, I scared and didn’t want to be blown away by a tornado. ha..ha.. ha,…

We have met a lot of wonderful people this year. Making great connections with some amazing people! Ryan and I are truly blessed.

Toward the end of our season I had a few customers ask me how we made out this year..and well, we made out AMAZING! Why you may ask? Because our daughter had many of her ‘First’s’ in that little farm store. She ate her first roma tomato, sweet corn , onion ( and she loved it), peas and beans. Its where she learned how to say ‘pumpkin’..but would come out ‘ pump pump’.


That is why our season was so amazing to me, a season I will never forget.

Now it’s time to close up the store and work hard on planning for next season. I didn’t get to blog much in the summer but, I can promise you that Ryan and I will be blogging lots this winter.

Check back in the new year as we rip everything out of our kitchen, knock down a wall and re-build the kitchen into my dream space. You may even get a video or two.

And of course we will update you on our daughter and plans for next year!

Stay warm! xo

Marissa, Farmer Ryan & little Bella.