Happy Tuesday!

As I sit here drinking my coffee from Neighbours I can’t help but think back to last summer. Isn’t it amazing how different tastes, smells, and sounds can bring you back to a time in your life, good or bad, isn’t it neat? Neighbour’s coffee always reminds me of how small little Bella was last summer, and how every time her Nonna would bring me a coffee I would savoir each and every gulp of it! Last summer coffee was a HUGE treat for me. As a breastfeeding mother I try to stay away from caffeine, so I would usually wait till after Bella had a big feeding and then I could indulge and enjoy my coffee. I can’t wait to be up at our farm market again. I love meeting all our customers…it’s probably my favorite thing about what I do.

Summer 2010


Anyways, enough blabbing from me and on to exciting Farm News!

Saturday, April 30th: Farmer Ryan was busy doing a second planting of beets, radishes, peas, beans and carrots. It was still too wet for planting flowers.

Little Radishes

Garlic is looking great!

Sunday, May 1st: Happy May! I Had a look at the asparagus patch, still nothing. However, a few county’s over from us have seen asparagus.

Gift Certificates!!!! We now have Gift Certificates! You can purchase them in any amount…If you don’t use it all at once we can put a remaining balance on for future uses. Already we have donated a few to the Italian Canadian Club of Milton, for a Mother’s Day dance.

New Projects: I found this old storm window up in the barns. Lots of ideas for it, more pictures will be posted once completed.

Friend’s sun-room make-over is almost done!

Planning Bella’s First Birthday!

Watched and supervised as Farmer Ryan built out new bbq.

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