A painted Hutch!

Whenever I look at the hutch in my living room I see white! All I want is a nice white hutch! So, finally I had the Farmer carry it into his shop, for me to sand and paint.

Step 1:

First things first, sand! Sand! Sand! I usually skip the sanding part and go right to the painting part, but because this hutch was poorly paint/stained by the previous owners I decided to sand it. I recommend using a power sander. You could do it by hand..if you have all day.

Step 2:

After sanding it, pour some paint remover onto an old rag and wipe all the dust off. Make sure you get into all the little cracks and crannies. ** Put some gloves on for this part.

Step 3:

Grab your paint and a brush and start painting. I did 2 coats, with 3.5 hours in between (I bought a paint with a primer already in it), however if you feel the need to do more, GO for it!

Step 4:

Let dry over night.

I have yet to decided if I should sand the edges to give it that shabby chic look…If I do, I will do a second post showing you the best way to achieve the shabby chic look.

Check back in a few days to see the FINISHED product and the name of the paint I used.

Happy Monday.