Friday, July 25th:

I lost all motivation, it wasn’t a pretty thing. Last week I had ZERO motivation to do ANYTHING.  I just wanted to rest my head in the long grass and not have to worry about anything. But, this time of year is GO time. There is no time for laziness or lack of motivation.

390863_314584865242035_100638549_nFarmer Ryan had been working long long days. The girls can sense that and run wild. My living room looked like a bomb went off. I had wet laundry sitting in the washer. The young dog ate my good sandles. I felt like I was hit by a train. Where did my motivation go? Why does this always happen to me during the busy months.

Then one morning I could hear the Farmer in the kitchen, with little giggles coming from the girls. The un-motivated part of me want to keep sleeping. I peeled myself out of bed and jumped into the shower….

As soon as the water hit me, I could feel motivation coming back to me. This is what I needed, time alone. Even if it was a 5 minute shower. I went downstairs and poured myself a cup of hot coffee, sat down and made my to-do list. That to-do list was a sure sign that motivation was on its was back into my body, mind and soul.

With that being said, make sure you take time for YOU!