Thursday, May 16th 2013:

Wow, it’s such a nice day out..ABOUT TIME Mother Nature. But, you could calm the wind down a wee bit, thanks.

This week has been a busy week on the farm.

Farmer is about to plant more sweet corn, peas, beets, beans… Lettuce turnip the beet. WHOOP WHOOP. Ha Ha…Wow, I am funny (Thank’s Pinterest for that one).

We received the chickens, which means FRESH EGGS. The Farmer’s brother takes care of the chickens…Maybe next year I can get our daughter B to take care of some goats. I have always wanted a goat..and a pig..and sheep..

Did a bunch of spring clean! Love a clean farm house and the smell of fresh air in the house.

We had a frost tuesday morning, which damaged the asparagus. Victoria, the summer student, checked the field today. Things are looking promising. We will be open tomorrow (friday) with asparagus and eggs.

B Loves playing in the mud. Yup, I let her get covered in it too. Littler babe was asleep in the stroller, B was happily playing in the mud and I was enjoying the peacefulness!

Have a great weekend, BE SAFE, DON”T drink and drive.


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