March 19th 2013

Cold and still lots of snow. Come on Spring, let’s go! I want a warm spring day. I want to sit outside and let the big sister play in the dirt and let little sis touch the grass for the first time ever. I want to smell like dirt, have dirt in my finger nails, heck I would even eat some dirt right now…Not really, but I am sure Big sis would eat some dirt. I miss fresh flowers, I miss everything that has to do with sun, spring, and sun.

How’s everyone doing? I bet you’re missin’ Spring too. This time last year we already had  our first planting of sweet corn in the ground. We just have to wait, I guess.

On a positive note, our fresh asparagus is right around the corner. This year will we have more than last year, but it will still go fast.

Until then, have a great day. Why not get cozy on this blah day and relax.


Fresh Flowers from 2011

Fresh Flowers from 2011