Wednesday, January 29th 2014-

Raw Chicken and a New Couch…

Before you read anymore of this post here is THE warning: This post is more personal than farm talk.

So, here we are almost in February. The girls and I are going stir crazy. There is yogurt and marker all over my couch!!! Good thing I didn’t waste my money on that beautiful blue couch from Home Sense last week. Actually, I realized this the day I wanted it. After shopping (browsing) I came home and began making dinner. I wanted to make chicken, so washed the chicken, disposed of some fat (I like fat, but the littlest choked on it once so now I am scared shitless)…Pour myself a glass of wine and started making dinner. I will admit I was off in my own world and that is not code for drunk, I just enjoy making my family a yummy meal and get so into it (the dinner prep).  I decided that I should probably check on the girls. I enter the family room, the room where I wanted to put the new couch that DID NOT BUY, to catch Harvest smashing raw chicken fat into the couch….oh my gosh, was that sign NOT to buy that beautiful new couch? Yup, I think so. Then I felt like the worse parent. I made a bad call and told my Mom on the phone and she said that now Harvy will be up all night sick. I guess my Mother thought Harvy ate some raw chicken…BUT she didn’t. No kids were harmed in the making of dinner.

fall 2013In other news, I have to sign B up to JK this week. AH! Now I really have focus on my grammar, spelling, foul words, math…the list is endless. Or I can embrace my weaknesses and teach her that it is important to pay attention and that her Mother sucks at the above to love yourself no matter what.

I feel like we’re STUCK inside! Too much Dinosaur Train and not enough fresh air…and cold coffee- YUCK! I don’t let the girls watch much tv, but the past few days they have watched a lot of Dinosaur Train, so much that Bella knows a lot about Dinos and the different names. At least she’s learning right?

Well, time for some hot coffee and then its outside for a bit of fresh air (no matter how cold it is).