HI! How are you? Kids in bed yet? Mine are…time to party! And when I say party, I mean….

pancake party


Pancake PARTY! I thought it would be nice to make some home made pancakes for tomorrow’s breakfast and more to freeze. Weekends are crazy busy here, I love having ready made pancakes. Just put them in the toaster and enjoy! OH and of course drizzle on maple syrup, which you can buy at our little farm store.

I don’t eat pancakes every night, but I would. Most evenings Ryan is working late. So the girls and I eat dinner, bath and bedtime. That is when all the fun starts. I crack open a pepper jelly and try not to eat the whole jar…and of course I enjoy a glass of red wine or a nice cold beer. Then it’s to the office I go, typing recipes, preparing for the next day and the best part my evenings? THE TV TO MYSELF! Wait, who am I trying to kid? I know that sounds glorious (the TV part), but I get side tracked on the computer and start pinning on pinterest and then 10:30pm rolls around and its bed time for this mama!

So, I hope you are having a great evening with pancakes and wine. I am off to finish up some paper work..Just kidding, I am off to ACTUALLY watch tv.

Night, night!