Putting together a pretty bouquet of flowers can be lots of fun. You can add twigs, feathers and ribbon, or anything that you think would like nice. Then comes choosing the perfect vase or vessels to display the flowers in.

When choosing a display for flowers think outside the box.  BE CREATIVE! Before you grab the standard flower vase have a look around your  house.  You can use anything that will hold water.

Here are some fun and creative things to use as a vase:

Source: Country Home

Source: Country Home

* Old cream jars

Source: Country Home

* Antique tins, tin spice canister

Source: Country Home

* Teacups, or teapots (cute idea for a baby shower)

Source: http://www.intimateweddings.com

* Mason jars ( I love mason jar vases! )

Other things you can use:

  • Beakers and test tubes
  • Old glass bottles
  • Wine glasses
  • Ideas are endless, as long as it holds water!

Mix it up, use something you wouldn’t expect to see flowers in.


Have fun!