I can’t believe it, the tress are starting to turn. I LOVE the fall! It’s a little bittersweet actually…Means that we only have till October 31st at the store and then we close up until Spring 2014. We all love being at the store, chatting with our awesome customers.

This winter we are opening an online store so you can buy our salsas and pickles all winter long. Stay tuned.

Have you checked out our recipes yet? You should head over to our recipes and check out ‘Cooking with Kathy.’

Bushels: We are sold out of bushels of romas and pickling cucumbers. We are still taking field tomato bushel orders.

PEPPERS: Order a bushel of peppers, you can cut and freeze. So nice to have in the winter.

Birthdays: Our sweet baby girl is turning ONE end of September. A year sure does fly by. Feels like yesterday I was at the store, serving customers during intense contractions. I look back and think, “you’re crazy Marissa.” Next time around I am taking the last few weeks nice and slow. Maybe put my feet up and relax before a baby enters our life? Ah, probably not. 

bella and harv sweet