We’re almost done transplanting. The peppers and eggplants went in at the end of last week and everything looks good. Now all that’s left is to hand plant the tomatoes and watermelons. We have plans to get those in the ground in the next couple of days. In the mean time I have been planting lots more seed.

2014-06-04 15.09.09

The zucchini went in the ground last week  after we finished with the peppers and eggplants and the seeds are starting to grow. This week we planted all of the squash and yesterday morning I planted the cucumbers. I had plans to plant all day and get more sweet corn in and hopefully get started on the pumpkins. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

After the cucumbers were planted I set up the planter to plant more sweet corn. I went to the field and went down the first few rows but then the drives on the planter stopped turning properly. Turns out we will need a part for that so we’re going to have to wait for that part before we can plant anything else. On the plus side at least it means we now have some time to get going on the tomatoes.

-Victoria, Crop Production Assistant