Hi Guys!

Asparagus season is almost here. I have been typing a few recipes and thought back to dinner prep one night, where the farmer happen to be in early that particular evening. If you don’t know what that means, I gave him dinner prep duties.

Untitled pictureFarmer Ryan began to take the asparagus from the basket and simply place it on the sheet of tin foil. I thought to myself he must be forgetting to snap the ends, that I should probably take over he must be tired. NOPE, wrong, this is how he ‘prepares’ his asparagus. He claims less waste. Which, I am all for less waste, so I let him carry on with his task.

Salt, Pepper and butter, chopped garlic, on top of the asparagus. Fold over tin foil and onto the bbq it went…..

Time to eat…Well, the asparagus was still amazing. I think probably because our asparagus is so fresh that the thickness doesn’t matter. It’s  all the same, still juicy. However, the bottom parts were a tad bit woody. BUT! But, because we cook our asparagus to a soggy finish, the end didn’t bother me.

In the end, it’s all up to the way YOU like it. Let the asparagus count down begin.