Taking a soil sample to the lab and getting an analysis report back is cheap and easy but, having confidence in the sample being a true representation of your land is not as cheap and not that easy.

Personally I have sampled 10 000’s of acres using a composite sample method which is randomly taking samples in a 25-50 block and mixing them in a pail and sending that sample to the lab.  I wish I could get that time of my life back because unfortunately it was waisted.  

Smart Sampling is the best practice for getting a reliable picture of the soil in you field.  There are different effective ways of smart sampling of which technology has made easier.

K Analysis Results From A Smart Samples Field

So you smart sample and now have confidence in your results but how do you read them? Where to you Begin prioritizing them? And who do you trust to translate them?

This is a career long goal for us to figure out.  In posts we will share some results for our past and future trials with objectives to answer those questions.