Q :Do you offer u-pick/pick your own?

A :Pumpkins only! Beginning in May 2017 we will offer u-pick asparagus, watch our facebook for hours.

Q: Where do you get the produce from?

A: From our farm and buy from other local farmers, such as: spinach, apples.

Q: Can we order wholesale?

A: Pumpkins, squash, sweet corn only (2017)

Q: I am a photographer, can I take pictures of my clients?

A: There is a fee and sessions must be approved/scheduled by contacting us through Marissa@realfarmer.ca

 Q: Are you open when it rains?

A: Yes! Wear your rubber boots. If your stroller wheels get too muddy, we can help wash them off.

Q: Can we host a large picnic event?

A: Yes! We have a few open air areas back by our barn and farmhouse. As well as a covered drive shed. Please contact us for the rental fees.

 Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: We love dogs, but find it’s best to keep them at home. However, we understand that dogs are a big part of families (like our two farm dogs), so if they do come with you here are a few simple rules: Dog MUST be on a short lead/leash. If your dog is aggressive toward people and other animals, keep them home. Pick up ALL dog poop and take to your own personal garbage at home. Please try and keep your dog out of the little store and market. We have the right to ask you to remove your dog from the property. We are not responsible for your animals or responsible for any animal accidents.

2017 dog update: We had a few dog owners breaking the rules and ruining it for other farm guest. PLEASE obey and respect our rules for our farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

t our farm and other visitors:
No Smoking – No Littering – Please no walking through our crops, we worked hard to plant and grow them.

We are a real working farm, please keep away from farm equipment unless you have permission from Farmer Ryan. Safety is number 1 on our farm.

~Thank you, Ryan & Marissa